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Aqueous Carbon Capture

CO2 - Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) - The Basics:

US CO2 EOR Potential

The first round of oil recovery (primary recovery) leaves a lot of oil remaining in the reservoir (sometimes over 50% of the oil remains).

Flooding the reservoir with CO2 decreases the viscosity of the oil – making it easier to recover.

CO2 flooding increases yields from existing, well characterized reservoirs.

• Increased yields creates a demand for CO2 and a CO2-EOR Market

• But this market is Supply Limited

Industrial waste emissions of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) are plentiful

• However, this Industrial CO2 market is limited by the ‘Cost of Capture’

• I.e., the Cost to separate and concentrate the CO2 from the smokestack or ‘flue gas’.

Pi-CO2 Directly Addresses this Market Limitation

• Pi-CO2 offers cost-efficient capture -- Transforming a Greenhouse Gas waste into a green oil and clean energy.

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